10 reasons to LOVE your “Post Baby Body” more than your “Pre-Baby Body”

There is so much hype about getting your “Pre-Baby Body” back after having a baby. Now, I can understand why many women want to have their pre-baby body back but I think the focus is all wrong.

I am sure there are things you do not or did not like about your pre-baby body and sure this may be the case after you have a baby as well. But the truth is your body has done so much more than your pre-baby body has ever done and I think that is something worth being proud of.

Just because you had a baby does not make you any less beautiful, less desirable, or less capable. In fact I think it is the opposite!

Here are 10 reasons why you should love your “Post Baby Body” more than your “Pre-Baby Body”

  1. You created life!!! Your pre-baby body didn’t do that. Really this is amazing and I could just end here.
  2. You are able to nourish your baby with your body by breast feeding. Another thing your pre-baby body could not do.
  3. You had the strength to go through labor and anyone who has gone through that knows it takes more strength to go through labor than anything else physical. Even if you had a C-Section, you were cut open while awake and out comes your baby! Nothing can measure up to a mother’s strength!
  4. After growing a baby for 9 months then delivering, you go home and take care of someone who is fully dependent on you. You are able to do what is needed without focusing on yourself and worrying about time to heal. You just bounce right into making sure someone else is happy, healthy, and absolutely loved.
  5. Your stretch marks are a sign of love. Your body did what it had to in order to care for and grow another person. Be proud of them! You got them from doing something amazing!
  6. You somehow find a way to live off of even less hours of sleep and do much more than you thought was capable before you had a baby.
  7. Your heart seemed to grow much bigger after having a baby because you never realized how much love you could have for someone from the very first sight.
  8. Your arms are now used to hold and hug the very person you held in your tummy.
  9. Your body is curvier than it used to be and this is sexy!
  10. Your post baby body reminds you that there are things out of your control and you learn to love your body and embrace it.

Without a doubt there are more reasons to love your “Post Baby Body” more than your “Pre-Baby Body” but I want to hear your reasons.

Men you’re invited to share what you love about your wife’s “Post Baby Body” as well!

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