Tired of Juggling? Then Try to Balance!

Ever go through a time where your entire routine just changed at what seems like a moment’s notice? Even though you knew change was coming, once it did happen you felt like you didn’t see it coming. We make these plans and figure things will take some minor adjustments without realizing it may very well take some revamping of how the entire day goes.

I am sure many of you can relate to this happening in your own lives. I always thought I was good at juggling things and then I got married and I felt like I was definitely training to be in the circus (sometimes I feel like I am in the circus 😉 ). Then here come the kids and now you’re a professional juggler! I do not yet have kids but from my discussions with others who do they are defiantly professionals in juggling.

It is hard enough trying to balance our own lives and then we add others to the mix and we realize our time is not always our time. That is what happens in a family right? We all take care of each other. However, we often forget to make time for ourselves and make our own needs a priority. I am not saying to throw everything to the wind and just take care of our self. But really, how are we supposed to be there for others if we are not present for them or even capable of taking care of them because we ran ourselves ragged?

This is not a selfish act either. When we are rested, happy, energized, and healthy we are able to give more of ourselves to others who need us. It is important to accomplish what we want to in our lives, find time to rejuvenate when it is needed, pray more often, find time to work out, find time to make healthier meals, and find time to play.

I personally have been continually working on improving my balancing act rather than juggling. Juggling is exhausting!!! Finding my balance can be too at times however there is more peace that comes with balance. People are funny in that they have to get to a point of really feeling the pressure to realize something needs to change. It is like we almost force our way through life and all of a sudden we are exhausted, burned out, or just about had enough with whatever we set out to do.

I don’t know about you but I am finished with doing this to myself!! There needs to be a lot more balance and with that comes giving ourselves a little bit more love, grace, forgiveness, and trust.

If you have a history of juggling like me and would rather improve your balancing act then here are some tips that I do that may help you get started.

  1. Pray! Need I say more?
  2. Do my best whatever my best at this time. Knowing my best will always change.
  3. Forget about perfection! I am perfectly imperfect and that is what makes me…well ME.
  4. Take time to relax at least 2 times a week and NO feeling guilty for it. It is a necessity.
  5. Get specific with no more than 3 things I want to accomplish either this day or this week.
  6. Trust myself with what I feel is needed to be done.
  7. Be thankful especially when times are tough (this is the hardest).
  8. Eat real food; this always makes me feel energized and happy.
  9. Get moving! It boosts my mood, gets out aggression, and clears my head.
  10. Forgive myself when I make mistakes. Besides this is when I learn the most.


What do you do to find balance? Let me know on my Facebook page 🙂