Empowerment of Pregnancy

Recently I have had many women tell me how scary pregnancy can be. Yes, they are excited but many fears tend to rush into the minds of mom’s to be. I am sure you can relate this as well. It can be scary wondering if everything during your pregnancy is going to go well and wondering if you are doing all that you can to ensure you have a happy and healthy baby.

It can also feel overwhelming and frustrating with all the information out there. Some information even contradicts the other! Even though many women out there have obviously been pregnant before, you can sometimes feel alone in the whirlwind of your body changing and information on the do’s and do not’s during pregnancy.

The fact that you are concerned tells me you are already the best mother your baby could ask for. It also tells me you are more than likely making the right choices to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby.

Yes, it can be scary. There is a small person inside of you that you will meet face to face in a matter of months and it often sounds like you have to walk on egg shells to have a healthy pregnancy.

But guess what? You don’t have to walk on egg shells!! This is a time to feel empowered, rather than scared! Yes, there is a small person inside of you growing and developing according to the messages you send of the world outside the womb. But YOU send these messages!! No one else! This is your opportunity to make their foundation of health as solid as can be. Who better to do the job than this sweet baby’s mom, right?!

Making sure your developing baby is healthy does not have to be as complicated as many make it sound to be. Bottom line, if you are taking care of you with nutritious foods, physical activity, managing stress, managing any health condition; then you are defiantly taking care of the baby.

It is all about epigenetics. Whatever you experience your baby does too. If you are physically active then the baby’s little heart and lungs are getting the same exact conditioning as yours. Isn’t this amazing!!! Same thing goes with the food you eat and the stress you feel.

You are already parenting before you realized you were. You are making sure your baby is getting what they need to grow healthy!!!

If you have any questions or concerns remember I am here. Just go to my Work with Erin page to see if we would make a good team.