My Biggest Life Change

The past couple weeks have been filled with a lot of uncertainty, excitement, fear, and amazing freedom. What I am about to tell you will most likely give you a different view as to who I am and what I really stand for. The recent changes that have taken place in my life will also affect you and generations to follow.

About 2 years ago I had lunch with my mentor Mandy to discuss jobs and places to look into so I may continue my growth and interest in maternal wellness and fetal development. I will never forget this day since it was a major turning point in the direction my life was about to take.

Over lunch she had asked me what my dream job would be and without hesitation I said “I want to help babies all around the world have a better start to life with less risk of disease into adulthood! I want to travel the world and give talks! I want to help families everywhere! Even be a part of research studies!” Mandy always knew my passion so she was not surprised with my enthusiasm but she did seem surprised at how big my dream was and the quickness to my answer.

Mandy asked other questions to see what would fit into the dream I had or jobs that would help me get to this point and then she said something that just stuck in my head and has stayed there since. She said “You know; if you cannot find the position you are looking for, you can always create it.” She said this so nonchalantly and probably not thinking this would be the advice I took from that day. Right after she said that I knew exactly what I was meant to do! I had to create my own title, career, and yes my very own business.

I searched and searched for something that did not exist and yet was vital for our species! I knew no one else was going to do what I knew had to be done, no one else would have this drive, passion, and pure love for what I have been learning. It was time that everyday people knew and understood what science has been uncovering!

After lunch that day I kept thinking about what Mandy said and how I was going to do what I wanted to do. This has continued every single day since then.

Now this conversation with Mandy happened about 2 years ago but I have known my passion is in Developmental Origins of Health and Disease for 4 years. Over the past 4 years I was also working for major corporations and working on my business on the side on the little free time I had. My roles with the corporations were meeting with corporate clients regarding health programs available, creating health strategies for employer groups, and health education. These roles have taught me a lot and solidified what I knew I must do to make an impact in people’s health. These roles also gave me a new perspective as to what kind of company I need to create because to be honest I did not agree with the motivates or “values” these companies had for health. I did not agree with a lot that was happening for those the company said they served and how they treated their employees. This pushed me to a point where I felt I was not being true to who I was and my values no longer matched with theirs. This gave me the strength to say goodbye and put my entire focus into Imprinted Legacy

It was a scary decision because I was making good money there but it needed to happen this way so I could truly see who I was and what I stood for. My passion has been hiding for so long and I have only scraped the surface for my business to begin.

Now there is nothing that will hold me back to be there to help people make health a family legacy that they can pass down to the next generations that follow. This is big news for us all!!!

Science has been uncovering so much but it is difficult to always get the information to the public. Many of the research goes into scientific journals, discussed at medical seminars, and passed on the many doctors who want to share this info but do not have the time.

This will no longer be the case for anyone since I love reading research journals, fascinated at medical seminars, and always asking doctors questions that dig deeper into Developmental Origins of Health and Disease.

This is an exciting change of pace and I am very thrilled that you are walking in this journey with me and have been since my website started a few months ago.

Thank you for being here with me.


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