How Life Truly Begins

If you are reading this blog then I am pretty sure you already know where babies come from. However, I you may not have actually seen what all really goes on from the moment the sperm meets the egg. To see from a cellular level what it takes to make a human is fascinating. I find it to be a true eye opener on the miracle of life and how each one of us came to be.

Do you realize how small of a chance it is that you were the one that came out of this random sperm and egg combination? It is a very slim chance and we are the lucky ones! We won the jackpot to have a life! Many people do not think about pregnancy and life this way.

I came upon this video a few weeks ago and I was in complete awe! I even asked my younger brother Beaker (this is the nickname I gave him and this is how you will know him moving forward) who is a 26 years old sales and marketing master mind, to watch it with me. Even he seemed to be caught by surprise and in awe by what it really takes to make a human. I get fascinated no matter how many times I watch or read something about life in the womb but this is not something I thought he would be fascinated by as much as I was.

I put this video here so you can have a chance to see “The Miracle of Life”. I am so happy that I live in a time where technology is so advanced because we have the opportunity to see a video such as this. To make something so hidden for centuries become easily discovered and witnessed by everyone every single day.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do and feel the same excitement about what it takes for our very cells to make life in the womb.