Why Your Biological Age Should Be the Real Concern

The weirdest place to talk about your age is lying on the table when you see your OB/GYN. I mean you are already letting it all out there and then you are asked about your age and when you plan to have children.

I know it is all a very routine part of the visit and I never had an issue discussing my age but it seems the older I get the more serious the question seems to be. It goes from “oh you are young you have plenty of time” end of conversation. To “Well you are getting closer to your thirties….” or “Well you are in your thirties so you may need to get started if you want to have children”.


As if I did not have enough pressures about getting closer to and being in my thirties! I mean I am still working on my masters, establishing my career, still feel like a newly-wed, and crap now I wasting time not having kids!!!

I don’t know about you but a get a quick shock of fear and sense of urgency to call my husband and tell him we are wasting time because my biological clock is not going to tick forever and we might as well start having babies as if I am a baby factory because time is running out!

Then I start to breathe, my brain starts to function, logic comes back and I remember all my years of education reassuring me that I am just fine.

It is not my chronological age I need to worry about it is my biological age!

Your Chronological age is the amount of time you have been alive since birth.

Your Biological age is the age at which your body functions.

So even though I am going to be in my thirties this year my body could actually be functioning as if it is in its twenties. How great is that!

Many people do not know this. And perhaps it is a good thing doctors don’t go into this. I mean just imagine how much time this conversation would take if my doctor to ask me “So Erin how old are you? And at what age does your body function?” Then going into this could take that much longer. It would be a waste of time for the both of us.

But why would my doctor be so concerned with my age any? The reason is because the majority of people’s bodies do function at the same age as their chronological age and most often it functions as if it is older. It is not as common for people’s bodies to function at a younger biological age. If people understood that they can actually get younger OB/GYNs may not be as concerned with our age as they are.

So why are OB/GYNs concerned about my age again?

OB/GYNs are concerned with our age because the older we are the more our reproductive system changes in a way that does not necessarily align with creating new life. As we get older our cells are not working as efficiently as they once did.

As we get older our lifestyles tend to change in a way that does not necessarily encourage good nutrition, less stress, and consistent physical activity.

Malnutrition, high stress, and little physical activity have life lasting effects on your developing baby. This sets them up to be more vulnerable to having chronic health conditions themselves.

But if we change our lifestyles to get the proper nutrition, find a system that works for us to decrease stress and stay active our bodies function as if it is younger! Cells work more efficiently and therefore our reproductive system is younger too! A healthy lifestyle also creates a sturdy foundation of health for our developing babies that last a lifetime.

And this is not just for women. Men, this goes for you as well! Oxidative stress from an unhealthy lifestyle decreases the quality of your sperm, be the cause of infertility, and even miscarriage.

So the next time your OB/GYN asks you your age and you find yourself responding how I did, remind yourself that you may actually be functioning at a younger age!


Want to calculate your biological age?

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