What Kind of Health are You Preparing Your Baby for?

Have you packed for a trip and realized that you did not exactly bring the most appropriate clothes for your stay? I did that! Back in February I went to Colorado for a few business meetings. The week I was going there was supposed to be practically perfect. According to my younger brother, friends and the weather channel, the forecast for the week ahead was going to be beautiful for that time of year and I would only need to pack for spring weather. I was thrilled! I missed my friends and Colorado and I thought it was such a treat that I would be able to visit at a time I missed the most.

Before I packed my bag I decided that I would only bring what I needed for an entire week in a single gym bag that was just the right size to be a carry on. Why such a small bag for a whole week? I was going to stay at my brother’s and then a few friends’ houses over the course of the week so I didn’t want to lug a whole lot around. Plus I really didn’t want to pay extra for a few clothes to be checked in because I usually don’t wear half of what I bring. So I set the challenge and accepted it!

IMG_1756To my surprise (and everyone else who knows me very well) I did it! I packed everything! Clothes for meetings, hanging out, to work out in, sleep in, my laptop, brochures, makeup, sunglasses, glasses, and two pairs of shoes! BAM! Take that Mary Poppins!

I landed in Colorado and the weather was beautiful! Just a slight chill but perfect! The next day was even better, so much better that my brother and I went on a hike with my friend and her siblings. That night we drank wine in a hot tub as we gazed at the shiny Denver lights, reminiscing of all the good times we had, and what is still to come. On the third day it was a bit cloudy and chilly but nothing I wasn’t prepared for…until that evening.

IMG_1067IMG_1055After dinner my brother went to his car to grab his work computer and he came back in and said “Erin LOOK!” I took one look at him and he was red in the cheeks and covered with snow! “WHAT THE HECK!” I said, and we both started laughing. He asked, “Do any of your friends wear the same size of shoe as you? You are going to have to wear boots in this kind of snow.” Now this is tricky because I am 5’5 and wear a size 8, most of my friends have smaller feet and they are much taller than I (and no I don’t have better balance because of it).

Thankfully I was able to borrow these very cool looking boots (I love boots) from my best friend’s sister. The other things I had to borrow was a jacket because I did not pack one, ski socks, and, oh yeah, warm clothes because I didn’t pack for a winter storm! I thankfully brought clothes I could easily layer but I really had to get inventive with the layering. (The above picture is just the start of the winter wonderland that was in creation. It snowed for 3 days before the sky started to clear)

After a bit of effort I was able to stay warm, surprisingly comfortable in all my layers, and still look appropriate for my meetings. I really should have expected this kind of weather to be possible because I only lived there for 7 years and knew this was bound to happen but I trusted my reliable resources. Granted they were just as surprised as I was, but together I got through the cold weather without having to buy more clothes and ship them to Arizona where they would never be worn again.

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, entertaining story…. but how does this relate to the kind of health I am preparing my baby for?”

Mom and Baby X-Ray viewDuring these 9 months in the womb your baby and all the cells that make them, are relying on all the information your body tells them about the world outside of their own. They too are preparing for their next destination. Just as I relied on my friends, my brother, and the weather channel to tell me how to pack and prepare for a place unlike my own, your baby is relying on you for the same thing. Instead of clothes your baby is preparing in a much more significant way, how their body will function for optimal long term health and survival.

But things can still happen no matter what we do. I used all the resources I had available to me and yet I still was not appropriately prepared. Was this “bad”? No, because I knew what I had in my bag to work with plus I had some help from my family and friends around me. I needed a few extra things but it all worked out! I guess you could say I was warm clothes deficient. 😉 Because of this “deficiency” I was more vulnerable to being extremely cold.

Your baby could go through a similar thing. If your baby gets information about the world outside of the womb that does not necessarily match with what truly is out there, then this too is not necessarily a “bad” thing. When there is this mix match your baby is more vulnerable to chronic health diseases. BUT by knowing their bio-individuality (what is already in their bag) you will know what you can give them so they too can be comfortable, “dressed” appropriately, and go on their merry little way as they originally planned to.

What I explained, in a non-sciency way, is The Mix Match Theory . The Mix Match Theory is basically saying that when a little baby developing in the womb gets messages from the mom’s cells that don’t exactly match the world they will be born into, they become more vulnerable to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, allergies, and asthma (to name a few).

Do you remember when I talked about how mom’s influence weight gain? If you didn’t read it you can read it here, here, and here, (there are a few parts to the story). This is what is happening down at the cellular level.

The body is designed to survive! How it reaches its optimal state of health to survive long term is much different than what it does for short term health and survival. For long term health and survival (without pain and discomfort) we just need to know what exactly OUR body needs.

So if you are worried that you are not giving your baby the appropriate information to plan for their next adventure remember this:

Life circumstances change just as quickly, if not quicker, than the weather. You only have 9 months to prepare them for the next 100 years. Something is bound to be mix matched. But that is okay, the body is designed to survive and adjust as needed. All we have to do is work WITH it and do what we can during these 9 months to make is harder for their body to get to a diseased state 🙂

Until next time my friends!

Your P.I.P. (Partner In Pregnancy), 😉


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