Your Baby’s 0.1% Uniqueness Makes 100% of the Difference in Their Health

Untitled designI remember when I was in kindergarten I was taught that our finger prints differentiated us from others. When I heard that no one had the same fingerprints I thought it was amazing how everyone’s hands looked the same but in reality they were far from that. I thought this was pretty exciting, knowing that my fingerprints where all mine and no one could take that piece of individuality away from me.

Fast forward a few more years and I heard the same thing about personalities. Though many of us may dress the same, think similarly, or have the same interests, no one is exactly like you. Even if you have a twin there are differences. Again I thought this was pretty exciting, no one can really be replaced because there is no one out there exactly like the other!

Fast forward a few more years and I learn that there is only 0.1% difference in every single person’s DNA from the next. After I grew up hearing about how we are all different I then learn that we are all 99.9% the same. Hmmmm, so that means what makes Erin exist, be alive, and a human is really not all that different from everyone else. Well, that’s kind of a bummer. All of a sudden I don’t feel so individual any more.  :-/


Then I started to think more about it. That measly 0.1% is HUGE! We think it is nothing but it is in that very 0.1% that makes all the difference! You think I am crazy and just a “glass half full” sort of person, right? Well I typically am but in this case it’s not a matter of positive thinking.

In that 0.1% there is much more than meets the eye. In fact it is further than skin deep. It is as deep as the inner workings of our very cells. How they function, communicate with one another, and respond to the world around us is based highly on the 0.1%!

We would all agree that while many of us have very similar nutritional needs, movement needs, sleep needs, how often we need to decrease stress, limit toxins, etc. Not a single one of us NEEDS the same exact formula in any of these areas to reach our own individual meaning of optimal health. Sure we can follow generalized plans because there is that 99.9% similarity, but in reality we all have to tweak something here and there to work best for ourselves because of that 0.1%!

This 0.1% plays a significant role to our overall health. This 0.1% makes all the difference in what our bodies respond to and HOW! So what is the term for this most basic biological difference?


Biochemical individuality! Bio-individuality (for short) is the concept that each person has a unique nutritional and chemical makeup and therefore has unique nutritional needs.

This ties in very tightly with epigenetics because the epigenetic influences in the womb highly influence our bio-individuality. This is so amazing to me because this means that our life in the womb, just 9 months, establishes our 0.1% difference.

In your mind: “What?! So Erin, your telling me that these 9 months in the womb will determine what my baby needs for their body to obtain and maintain their own version of optimal health?”

Me: YES! That is exactly what I am telling you! This 0.1% doesn’t seem so small and insignificant after all now, does it?

Knowing this information is like having the ultimate “recipe” book to your baby’s health! The more we know about their bio-individuality the more we know how to work WITH their body rather than trying to control how it attains health. We can all agree that when we try to control how our body works things get a little crazy. With this information we also have the ability to know what THEIR body needs to live an all-around healthy life.

In your mind: “Oh great Erin now I am more worried than before! I already knew my baby relied on me but now there is so much to think about!”

Me: Okay my friend take a deep breath and just sit with this for a minute before your mind goes into all the directions it can.  Can this feel a bit scary and feel like there is a lot more pressure. Yes…..however, this is actually wonderful news. This is something you can work with! This kind of information can only be used to help you and your baby!

Optimal growth

I for one think it is scarier to not know this information because now we can really make a difference in your baby’s life! These 9 months are just the beginning and we continue to build on this foundation of health for the rest of their life. The human body is phenomenal because it wants to live, it wants to function optimally, and ultimately it wants what you want. The more we understand it the more we can work with it. Yup, this is me being “glass half full” but it is the truth!

My husband always says “no information is necessarily bad information because it gives you an opportunity to either do something with it or not.” This information gives us nothing but opportunities! Like any other opportunity it seems a bit bigger than us, but trust me when I say that is what makes the opportunity worth it!

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