What No One is Asking When it Comes to Vaccinations

Last week I talked about 2 ways to boost your baby’s immune system (without the use of a needle). This week I want to pose another view to you that I hope will allow you to think differently about the use of vaccines.  I bring this up now because it is the time of year vaccines seem to be administered the most. I hear a lot of controversy around this topic so I thought I would address this topic a bit differently. To start us off on the same playing field I am going to ask you to think about this question for just a moment before you read on:

Is there more to the story when there are reports showing vaccinations resulting in life changing conditions than just believing they are harmful?

There is no question that when we are administered vaccinations there are various degrees of common side effects. However, there are reports of other conditions being linked to vaccines. Such as the hot topic of debate, autism. I personally haven’t been fully convinced that vaccines are the ultimate culprit for autism based on my knowledge of the development of the brain. However, this topic is not about vaccines and autism. It is about asking ourselves a new question that no one seems to be asking: Is there more to the story when there are reports showing vaccinations resulting in life changing conditions than just believing they are harmful?

There are typically two things I hear in conversations about vaccines: “Vaccines are unsafe, harmful, and put our babies and children at greater risk because of all the crap they have in them” or “Vaccines protect our babies and children from devastating harm when exposed to illnesses or are at risk for diseases.”

Before I move on I want to be perfectly clear, I am neither promoting the use or avoidance of them. I am encouraging you to look at this from a big picture view.

To do this let’s start by answering a couple simple questions:

  • Is there a possibility that vaccines could cause more adverse reactions? Yes.
  • Is there a possibility that vaccines will continue to save lives from devastating illnesses? Yes.

Okay, obviously both are true, but the majority of people will say it is either one or the other without question.

I on the other hand think it is not an either or question but more a matter of what kind of person are certain vaccinations right for and what kind of person are certain vaccinations not?

Which brings me to ask the initial question again:

  • Is there more to the story when there are reports showing vaccinations resulting in life changing conditions than just believing they are harmful?

For one, if vaccines in general where harmful to the overall health and livelihood of those who receive them then they would not be legal to administer. Second, if we were to generalize that vaccinations cause life altering conditions then we would also be generalizing that everyone who ever had a vaccination has a life altering condition because of it.

From here one more question comes to mind:

  • What makes some people who have vaccinations more susceptible than others to the severe side effects of them?

The answer I come up with is, bio-individuality!

No one person’s body reacts the exact same way to anything no matter how similar it may be. I don’t see how a vaccine on its own can cause such a severe response unless there was a negative bio-chemical combination when the vaccine was administered in a certain type of internal environment within the body.

Here is a different way to put it.

It would be like saying adding a Mentos to a bottle of Coca-Cola is what causes the fun soda geyser without acknowledging that the chemical makeup of Coca-Cola combined with the chemical makeup of the Mentos causes the reaction. You don’t get the same reaction when you add Mentos to a flat (not as carbonated) coco-cola, water, or tea; do you?

Growing up my dad always told me “Erin, no matter what you believe you will always find the same amount of information going against it. It is good to look at both views, question all you can, and then base your decision on what makes most sense to YOU.” This is what I am asking you to do today.

I do not want you to change your stance because that is not what this is about. Instead I want you to ask yourselves if there is more to consider when it comes to how the body may or may not respond to vaccinations. Remember the body does not respond to ANYTHING in isolation.

So what do we do with this information? How would we know if our baby’s body will respond to a vaccine in a positive or negative way? We can start by looking at a their experience in the womb (because of epigenetics), look at how this could influence their gene expression, and figure out what is most likely, then base your decision on what makes the most sense for YOUR baby.

Until next week!

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