Genetics Does Not Equal Destiny

When we think of preventive health we think of taking the time as adults to stay healthy and do what we can to decrease our risk of having health issues as we age. We want to age with grace and vitality. But why do we wait till we are older to focus on preventive health?

Imagine what it would be like if we started earlier? You may be asking why. Why start thinking about our health at a younger age when we feel great, we are functioning well, and why try to “fix something that isn’t broken.”

That is the basis of prevention right? You do what you can with what you know to try your best to prevent what you possibly can, not for the sake of “fixing” anything. You wouldn’t plan to go on a cross country road trip without getting your oil changed, checking the tires, and filling up your gas tank. You do these things to prevent getting stuck on the side of the road by doing what you can on the most fundamental level. Do things happen on the way? Yes, you could run over a nail or your car could overheat. But you still did what you could to get from point A to Point B smoothly.

Many people do not realize preventive health starts before we are even born. Talk about a young age to start thinking of lifelong wellness. While in the womb the baby’s body is developing in more ways than what we can see on an ultrasound. Every single cell is gathering information from the mother’s cells and learning about the world they will be born into. From this cellular communication between mom and baby, the baby’s cells learn how to respond to the world outside.

Here is an example, diabetes is a common health condition and rates of diagnosis are still continuing to rise. When we go to the doctor they want to know our family history. If someone in our family has this condition we are told we are predisposed to the risk of having it ourselves.

I can shed some light on this for you. Just because it is genetic does not mean it is destiny. If it runs in your family you (the expecting mom) has the ability to change the course of your family legacy of diabetes.

There was a research study performed with the Pima Native Americans in Arizona that showed managing diabetes during pregnancy can decrease the baby’s risk of having diabetes later after birth. If you have gestational diabetes you too can decrease the risk for your baby as well.

How does this work? Going back to the cellular communication between you and your baby, if your blood sugar is not controlled the baby’s body will assume that this is how it needs to metabolize insulin, a similar way your body is responding.

I am at risk for diabetes myself, not to mention many other health conditions that run in my family. Do I worry about my future children? Yes, and I don’t even have one on the way yet! But I do know that as long as I can take care of my health my children will have the best opportunity of health that I could give them.

Note: I said best opportunity not perfect.

Take this new knowledge and use it to your advantage. As my husband always says, “all information is good information; you can use it to benefit you if you allow it.”

If you are pregnant with diabetes and are having issues I can help. Together we can figure out a plan that works for YOU. Most plans out there are created for the general population. I believe we all need a plan unique to our personal needs and lifestyle.

If you have questions email me or if you know someone who would benefit from this type of partnership send them my email address.

Until next time!

Your Friend,