The Beginning of Your Baby’s Immune System

Today I came across this short video and thought it would make a great addition to our topic today. If you have never heard of this information before this will definitely set the scene for understanding it well.

As you saw in the video good bacteria is crucial for our health. The video also talked a little about how babies get their microbiome from their mom when they pass through the birth canal and when they are fed their mother’s breast milk. There is one other place they did not mention that I would like to add. Can you guess it? The answer is, in the womb.

The womb is the first line of defense. It is where the first foundational layer for the immune system begins to develop.

The healthy bacteria you have are also passed down to your baby as they are developing in the world of your womb. When they are exposed to the good bacteria in utero their immune system starts to develop, then again after vaginal delivery, and yet again when they are breastfed.

When you do not have enough healthy bacteria in your gut they too will be limited in what is available to them to set the ground work for building up their immune system. This is pretty important don’t you think?

When their immune system is compromised they are not only more susceptible to viruses outside of the womb but they are also more susceptible to having allergies.

Today having low healthy gut bacteria is all too common. If you are someone who does not have a very good immune system you can understand first-hand how it does not just effect how you feel but your ability to think too. There is a deep connection with gut health and overall health and it shows up in multiple ways.

The moral of the story, mom’s pass down healthy bacteria to their baby (babies) first in utero, second during vaginal delivery, and third breastfeeding. Each time the foundation of their immune system’s integrity is being set.

After birth there are still ways to increase their immune system if any of the phases offered less good bacteria contact or was skipped (well 1 phase could not be skipped completely since technically it cannot be skipped). Keep in mind they may need a little more assistance to build up their good gut bacteria than you initially thought but that is okay because it can be done.

I hope this was a fun and interesting way to learn about the importance of gut bacteria. If you found this helpful or interesting please “Like”, “Share”, or comment in any of the Social Media I use. I check them every day and I can respond to any of your questions.

To developing health in the womb!