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EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants: Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Webinar

Podcasters Unplugged: You can show your personality in a Podcast

Arizona Birth Network: Perceptions of Conception Conference

Wild Wellness Show: Meet Erin Smith and Imprinted Legacy

Babies R' Us in Chandler AZ: Health Before Birth  



Lagos Nigeria for Cherie Mamma: Preconception Workshop 

UK for The School of Balance

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Transformation happens when a message is spread through multiple channels. The field of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease is "cutting edge". It has been studied for over 30 years but is just now starting to surface to the public. The discoveries made within this field can be applied to refine and improve government policy and programs, workplace policy and programs, foundation and organization programs, as well as efforts to improve the economy.

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