Bacteria we NEED

There is always a lot of hype about foods that make us healthier and enhance our immune system. We can all agree we mostly hear Vitamin C and D are the best if we want to keep the flu at bay or get better quicker when we are sick. What many of us don’t know is we need bacteria, the good bacteria found in probiotics.

Probiotics play a much bigger role in our health than we have ever realized! Probiotics are great for our immune system because it gives our intestines the right kind of bacteria it needs to function optimally. Gastrointestinal health is also widely overlooked for our overall health. The intestine is for digestion, absorption, transporting nutrients to tissues, direct interaction with our environments and helps to protect us from external threats through the use of microflora, mucosa intestinal barrier, and yes you guessed it…the immune system. The use of probiotics has been shown to enhance the function and balance of our Gastrointestinal system.

Another fascinating discovery has shown probiotics to extend father than just the stimulation of the immune system in the gastrointestinal tract but well into distant mucosal surfaces including the respiratory and genito-urinary systems. Probiotics have also shown to enhance cell-mediated immunity in the elderly populations.

Probiotics and prebiotics are also highly important for life long immunity building starting in our developmental stages. Therefore women who are pregnant are advised to make sure they are getting healthy bacteria into their diet. Studies have also discovered an increase in immune based disorders such as allergies and asthma of those who were fed formula rather than breast milk. The prebiotic effect of breast milk encourages growth of bifidobacteria and leads to significant differences in the gastrointestinal flora by just six months of age.

Prebiotics are what feed the good bacteria.

I am not saying through the use of probiotics and prebiotics alone will help decrease incidence of allergies and asthma but I am saying it is a main ingredient when it comes to prevention for our developing children.

As with anything now days you can definitely find prebiotics and probiotics in a supplement form. I prefer getting what I need through the use of actual food because you get many more nutrients this way.


Probiotics Prebiotics
Yogurt Honey
Kerfir Maple Syrup
Milk with probiotics Bananas
Fermented foods made without Vinegar oatmeal
Tempeh (fermented soy beans) Red wine
Sourdough bread Asparagus
Miso soup Jerusalem artichokes
Sauerkraut Legumes

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