Episode 4 Kristin Burgess tells us the truth about the need for quality nutrition to make a healthy baby

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Kristin Burgess, Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Minor in Exercise Physiology; Registered Dietitian. Kristin grew up in a small farm town east of Denver, Colorado. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2002 with a degree in Applied Physiology then again in 2005 with a second Bachelors Degree in Nutrition with a minor in Exercise Physiology.  Upon graduation, she was accepted into a dietetic internship program in Massachusetts.  After moving back to Colorado she worked in a hospital, weight loss clinic, and a sports performance center.  Kristin is a dietitian and personal trainer in Denver. She does nutrition counseling for weight loss, sports performance, diabetes management, childhood nutrition, pregnancy nutrition and health management. Kristin is married and has two beautiful children, Jack and Zoie. Kristin loves to run, do yoga, and anything outdoors.

Kristin Burgess answers the following questions:

  1. For those listening in or tuning in and may not know of you yet, please tell them about your passion and why you became a Registered Dietician to express this passion?
  2. I have known you for about 9 years and when I think of someone who has pure respect for food and all that it does for the body, I think of you. I know this respect stems from your in-depth understanding of how the body uses nutrients to keep us alive and keep up with our daily demands. May you please explain to our listeners and viewers the essence of nutrition as a key factor to our body’s ability to function optimally?
  3. Everyone tuning in today is no stranger to the concept that good quality nutrition provides health benefits. May you please give everyone a sound definition of “Good Quality Nutrition”?
  4. May you please explain how nutrition, by way of good quality nutrition, influences how our cells function?
  5. Diving just a little bit deeper, how does nutrition affect our DNA?
  6. How can nutrition provide DNA protection?
  7. When couples start planning to have children how does nutrition support them in reaching their goals of becoming expecting parents?
  8. How does good nutrition before conception support fetal development from the moment of conception and help families give their baby a healthy start to life?
  9. Are there any other resources, your own and/or of others, that you would like to share with our viewers and listeners today?

Resources from Kristin

  • Kristin’s Rule of Two for eating non-nutritious foods: “Never two days in a row and never twice in 1 day.”
  • For Vitamins, Nature Made is likely the best over the counter vitamin brand
  • The pictures below are the seal or picture to look for on a vitamin brand
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Where to find Kristin Burgess:

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