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Episode 7. Micki Ring-How Physical Activity Impacts Cellular Function

Check this out! @micki_ring shares with us how physical activity affects our cells and therefore body function. Find out how this can help shape the health of future generations on Imprinted Legacy’s podcast! Click To Tweet

Micki Ring

Micki is a San Diego-based nutritionist, health coach, and yoga teacher. With a master’s degree in nutrition and functional medicine, she helps her clients make lasting changes towards healthier living through holistic nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, and stress management. She believes that health is not merely the absence of disease, but rather the foundation to a vibrant and engaging life. Micki has been published in the Huffington Post, and as a contributing author to the allergy-friendly cookbook, “What’s Left to Eat: When the Doctor Says No to Everything You Love.” She shares many tips and insights for a healthful and meaningful life on her website,

In this episode:

our guest Legacy Leader, Micki Ring, shares with us how physical activity impacts our cells ability to function, communicate with one another, get rid of toxins, affects the DNA within the cells, and therefore impacts our overall health. Fun things about this episode, we have a guest star named Grover and we have a theory as to why George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, may have chosen the name “midi-chlorian”.

Micki Rings answers the following questions:

  1. For those listening in or tuning in and may not know of you yet, please tell them about your passion and why Functional Medicine is the cornerstone to your passion?
  2. Why is physical activity so much more than giving us a physique we want or reaching a goal weight?
  3. We are all familiar with the benefits physical activity provides for our heart, bone density, muscles, and moods but as you and I know the cause for such benefits can only be obtained starting from a much deeper level. May you please explain how physical activity affects how are cells function?
  4. No cell works in isolation, they all need to communicate with one another when cells function well how does that impact their communication with each other?
  5. Why is this communication so important?
  6. How does physical activity help cells get rid of toxins?
  7. How does physical activity also help promote hormone balance?
  8. Diving just a little bit deeper, how does physical activity affect our DNA?
  9. Mitochondria is not a common word for many of our viewers and listeners, May you please explain what Mitochondria is?
  10. People get busy and time is often the cause for lack of physical activity. What would you say is a good way to start getting active?
  11. As physical activity becomes more enjoyable and a priority, because, let’s face it we all make time for things that are a priority to us, what would be a good average and upper limit because overtraining is a reality too for some people.
  12. Why is overtraining bad for our health?
  13. Do you think the possibility of overtraining is more common now than it used to be?
  14. How would someone know if they are overtraining?
  15. In your opinion what are the must have components to making sure someone has a quality workout and workout plan?
  16. Are there any other resources that you would like to share with our viewers and listeners today?

Guest Starring:

  • Grover

Resources mentioned:

 Where to find Micki Ring:

What to do next:

We are all interdependent on the issue of chronic disease and how it has become a social norm for each generation. It is up to all of us to change this. It is possible, and now you too are aware. When it comes to our society’s health, we all win, or we all lose together.

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